My Story So Far...

Early days

I am a father, adventure traveller, life coach, co-founder of ‘Cool to be Kind’ and business consultant.

Having grown up in rural England, after leaving school I started my own business, sold it five years later and spent the following 20 years working in the corporate world, both creating and implementing strategic policy, always surpassing expectations. In 2014 I decided to make a change and what transpired was a transformation.

I spent the following 18 months riding a motorbike overland, solo from London to Sydney through 37 countries. You can read about my adventures here.

I soon realised how kind and friendly people around the world are. The further I travelled the more I wanted to help people.

Returning home

Upon returning home I co-founded ‘Cool to be Kind’, a community group supporting rough sleepers on the streets and lobbying for systemic change. At the same time, I started another business, this time focusing on the wellbeing and performance of both individuals and organisations, which is a life coaching and mentoring practice and business consultancy.

Shortly after establishing my current business, I decided to return to education where I completed a psychology (Hons) degree, and then a Masters (MSc) in ‘Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology’ (MAPPCP), achieving a distinction.

I also undertook another overland adventure (One Cool Ride), this time riding from the far north of Europe to the far south of Africa, solo through 34 countries, visiting homeless outreach projects along the way.

whos dan
Dan Skeates

“It’s all about the people”

I have always had a growth mindset and been goal-oriented, which has enabled me to improve my wellbeing and realise my dreams. At the forefront of everything I do are ‘people’ – as I have said many times “it’s all about the people”. Family, friends and random encounters as I travel the world are at the heart of my life.

In addition to helping people and developing my life coaching business, I blog, write articles for travel magazines and give talks to inspire people to achieve their dreams.

I acknowledge both the highs and lows of my life and feel that all of my experiences have brought me to an understanding of who I am, which drives my growth mindset, goal-oriented behaviour and quest for increased wellbeing. However, most importantly, I am a very proud father of two amazing young adults.

Cool to be Kind

Representing Cool to be Kind, I currently chair the Housing First sub-group which is part of the ‘Chelmsford Single Homeless and Rough Sleepers forum’, and am involved with the ‘Cool Collaborations’ project with the aim of working with outreach organisations throughout South East England, supplying and distributing essential items to support rough sleepers.

Coaching & Wellbeing

have always helped people and experienced kindness wherever I have travelled throughout the world. However, it was whilst travelling on my Destination Unknown trip that I realised I wanted to focus on helping people. As soon as I returned home, I co-founded Cool to be Kind.

My interest in people then led me to study psychology, where I discovered the humanistic approach and then positive psychology, which focuses on both individual and societal wellbeing.

The next logical step was to become a coach and I enrolled at the University of East London on the Masters in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology course (MAPPCP).

The course helped me acquire more knowledge and skills and by achieving a distinction, I feel this has given me the credibility to provide the best service I can to help people achieve their goals. I work with my client’s strengths rather than their problems.

Dan Skeates - Men's Life Coach

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