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I’m proud of the work I do and the positive effect that I’ve had on my clients.  Following are a few testimonials from clients. For more reviews please check Google and Facebook.

Reviews on Google

An incredible Life & Business Coach.

Dan is an incredible Life & Business Coach – Each session, Dan succeeds in creating my ultimate thinking and learning space, coaching with Dan is often the best business related thinking I do in a week.
I value Dan’s friendly, open, non-judgemental, and curious approach. He keeps me accountable and moving forward towards my goals.
He is flexible and supportive, and I have the sense that I have a partner who is walking with me on the journey. I can’t recommend working with Dan enough!

Emily Mayers

Always insightful.

Really thankful to Dan and his support in helping to pursue my chosen career. The conversations were always insightful and I often came away with key actions to follow up on. Would recommend him if you’re looking for a coach.

Michael G

Helpful for my person and professional development.

Overall my sessions with Dan have proven to be very helpful for my person and professional development. Dan strikes a very good balance between structuring the sessions to explore agreed topics while giving you the space to talk which allows things to surface. Bring your best self to the sessions with a bit of preparation and the right attitude and Dan will guide you to where you need to be.

Owen Butcher

If you are stuck in a rut then Dan is the man!

Dan has really helped me organise my work and personal life. Running my own business is challenging and sometimes overwhelming but having someone to make you accountable force yourself to think outside the box is massively beneficial to reach your goals. If you are stuck in a rut then Dan is the man!

Studio 808

Comfortable environment.

I really enjoyed working with Dan. He provides a comfortable environment where I felt I could explore my issues and Dan would keep me on track and help me to focus on solutions. I came to Dan with difficulties in my personal life which I have found new ways to manage.

Guy Turnbull

Thanks for being a great coach.

I’m really enjoying my sessions with Dan and the conversations we are having are definitely helping me have clarity on certain aspect of my life. Look forward to carrying on our partnership. Thanks for being a great coach 👍

Kris Gardner

Clarity, direction and accountability.

If I had to summarise in three words what Dan helped me with, it would be clarity, direction and accountability. It might sound simple but it really goes a mile.

I started working with Dan when I had no clear direction nor satisfaction in my day-to-day life. In two months, Dan helped me understand what makes me happy, what motivates me and how to live better from a personal and professional point of view. Now, Dan helps me with setting and staying accountable vs medium term goals that drive me to become more competent and happy in my personal life and professional career.

Thank you Dan!!

Damian Górczyński

Grateful to have Dan in my corner.

I’ve been working with Dan for over 6 months, and my life has improved more than I could describe.

I looked for a life coach because I wanted to grow and progress, but lacked clarity on what it means, or how to get there.

Together, we explored motivations behind the goal, identified the specific areas of my life in which I feel dissatisfied with growth and progress, and implemented actions that enabled me to meet (or make strong progres towards) this goal across multiple vectors – be it relationships, professional life, finances and more. His coaching has been truly versatile.

Dan instilled confidence in me by making me realise that I already have most of the answers, but it is his way of asking the right questions that is the key to unlocking them.

He has also been there for me during both the happy times and the tough times, and his approach has never been anything short of warm, caring, and professional.

I feel extremely grateful to have Dan in my corner, and look forward with a big smile to continuing working with him. Thank you for everything!

Konrad Saja

Great Methods.

I’ve been working with Dan for a year now, he’s been very important with me working on my career and helping me find a new job which I truly enjoy and fits with my values. He has great methods to help me work on my mindset which has really helped me progress in my career and in life. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to build a better future for themselves.

James Siddall

Kind, considerate and encouraging.

In a word – fantastic. Dan is a kind, considerate and encouraging coach, who helped me through a time when I was particularly lost and directionless. Through support and encouragement, peppered with expertly timed questions to challenge me and my negative self-beliefs, I have made and reached goals (both work and personally) that I didn’t think I would have been capable of before.

Dan’s approach during a session is perfect – allowing enough space to explore anything that comes up during a session, whilst keeping me on track and accountable for the goals I have set.

If you are looking for a coach – look no further!

Joanna Stewart

Flexible and Reflective Sessions.

I reached out to Dan several months ago seeking change in my life as I had felt stuck for a number of years. Dan is an excellent listener, and, through our flexible and reflective sessions, I feel I have gained insights I never realised were there to be gained. Dan is somebody who genuinely cares and who creates a sense of being on a journey together. He has helped me achieve real movement in my life and I would recommend him to anybody who similarly feels stuck.

Stephen James

Extremely beneficial to me.

I’ve been working with Dan for almost 10 months. I have recently gone through a lot of changes in my life with the sale of my business and changes in my relationships. I am 1000 miles an hour 24/7 so having sessions with Dan where I could stop for an hour , reflect and discuss in a totally secure environment online or in person my thoughts, plans, ambitions and concerns has been extremely beneficial to me. He never judges you, or makes you feel uneasy and he gives you the space and capacity to really make you think about what you want from life from a personal and professional aspect. I highly recommend Dan.


A secure, welcoming environment.

Dan is a great guy, who listens, and does genuinely want to help. I can’t sing his praises enough. He creates a secure, welcoming environment for you to learn about yourself and where you’re headed. He’s been a monumental help. Not just with my career, helping me to secure a job on my first interview. But also, with where I’m headed in life, and what I find most important. I strongly recommend him if you’re looking for a coach.

Christian Moore

Pleasurable and Successful

Dan has helped me for around six months and it has been pleasurable and successful. My specific need was that I felt stuck, overwhelmed by the changes I needed to make to the point I couldn’t change. Dan helped me overcome that with confidence, with discussing pros and cons of options available to me and with what is important to me. He is a calming influence who did not preach but has helped me discover the path I must take. I can highly recommend him to anyone else looking for a life coach. Thanks Dan!


Coaching at its best!

Coaching at its best! Dan helped me to set realistic outcomes for my business, and the fact that the goals were based on my values really inspired me to stay accountable. Moving forward Dan also helped me to establish and keep up my work-life balance, which was one of the most important take-aways to this day.

Dan has a strong presence that really allowed me to relax while in the sessions. I got something out of each session with Dan – whether it was a new way to look at things, a new idea, awareness of my own behaviour or thinking patterns, or a tool to stay focused on the things that matter. As a whole, the coaching was a full experience that us two planned together from the beginning. By doing this, we discussed the topics that were meaningful for me, which made this experience very effective and life-changing.

Overall, coaching sessions with Dan have greatly helped me move forward in life, not only business-wise but also other parts of my life. Thank you Dan!

Henriikka Konki

A very good coach.

I was on a long term travel and thought about dramatic changes for my life, when I found Dan. Due to the worldwide Corona situation I was stuck and all my plans were jeopardised. It was the perfect time to have some coaching sessions (even though I didn’t know that). At the beginning I thought doing only a couple of sessions, but at the end I did 13!

All of them were great and helped me to explore myself, my wishes and how to achieve them. It made me learn so much about my behaviours and how to gain progress in my life.

Dan is a super nice, friendly and emphatic person. He has a wide range of experiences which makes him a very good coach! I recommend to everybody to take some sessions with Dan and to focus on you as a person and your personal behaviour. The sessions are about you, it is your time and so it will be highly valuable for yourself!

There is nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

Get in contact with Dan, take a first session and you will see it yourself!

Thomas Ost

I definitely recommend him.

I had 6 sessions last year with Dan Skeates.

Today my outcomes are plenty as:

  • Find my « own happiness » No matter what the context is (we began during the beginning of pandemic).
  • Act and Communicate with people without losing my personality.
  • Visualise positive events & meditating.
  • Learn from failures and questioning myself to improve in a daily way.
  • Be blessed at the end of each day.

The path of learning from ourself has always been part of my life, and I noticed that he helps me a lot. I definitely recommend him.

Marion Vazelle

I highly recommend Dan’s life coaching services.

Dan immediately puts you at ease, making it easier for you to really ‘dig deep’ and explore your values and fundamental beliefs. This process resulted in me evaluating where I was in life compared to those values. Things needed to change, after going through the process it was so clear. I have never been surer of anything in my life. I highly recommend Dan’s life coaching services.

K James Cambridge

He helped me find movement and progression.

I’m really grateful to have come across Dan’s page on the Life Coaching directory as he helped me find movement and progression with my life and a personal project that I had been stuck on. Dan is down to earth, kind and creates a calm and positive space for coaching. I have recommended him to a number of friends.

Ciaran Adam

Highly recommended if you're considering changing careers.

I like that Dan keeps quiet and lets me get everything off my chest I need to, and then repeats back to me the key topics and phrases for us to delve deeper into.
I also like that he challenges me to be better. Even when I think I’m doing enough, Dan makes me realise I’m not.
Highly recommended if you’re considering changing careers. He’s helping me travel from Mediocrity to Paradise.

Nick Poninski

Dan Skeates - Men's Life Coach

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