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I’m proud of the work I do and the positive effect that I’ve had on my clients.  Following are a few testimonials from clients. For more reviews please check Google and Facebook.

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Coaching at its best!

Coaching at its best! Dan helped me to set realistic outcomes for my business, and the fact that the goals were based on my values really inspired me to stay accountable. Moving forward Dan also helped me to establish and keep up my work-life balance, which was one of the most important take-aways to this day.

Dan has a strong presence that really allowed me to relax while in the sessions. I got something out of each session with Dan – whether it was a new way to look at things, a new idea, awareness of my own behaviour or thinking patterns, or a tool to stay focused on the things that matter. As a whole, the coaching was a full experience that us two planned together from the beginning. By doing this, we discussed the topics that were meaningful for me, which made this experience very effective and life-changing.

Overall, coaching sessions with Dan have greatly helped me move forward in life, not only business-wise but also other parts of my life. Thank you Dan!

Henriikka Konki

A very good coach.

I was on a long term travel and thought about dramatic changes for my life, when I found Dan. Due to the worldwide Corona situation I was stuck and all my plans were jeopardised. It was the perfect time to have some coaching sessions (even though I didn’t know that). At the beginning I thought doing only a couple of sessions, but at the end I did 13!

All of them were great and helped me to explore myself, my wishes and how to achieve them. It made me learn so much about my behaviours and how to gain progress in my life.

Dan is a super nice, friendly and emphatic person. He has a wide range of experiences which makes him a very good coach! I recommend to everybody to take some sessions with Dan and to focus on you as a person and your personal behaviour. The sessions are about you, it is your time and so it will be highly valuable for yourself!

There is nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

Get in contact with Dan, take a first session and you will see it yourself!

Thomas Ost

I definitely recommend him.

I had 6 sessions last year with Dan Skeates.

Today my outcomes are plenty as:

  • Find my « own happiness » No matter what the context is (we began during the beginning of pandemic).
  • Act and Communicate with people without losing my personality.
  • Visualise positive events & meditating.
  • Learn from failures and questioning myself to improve in a daily way.
  • Be blessed at the end of each day.

The path of learning from ourself has always been part of my life, and I noticed that he helps me a lot. I definitely recommend him.

Marion Vazelle

I highly recommend Dan’s life coaching services.

Dan immediately puts you at ease, making it easier for you to really ‘dig deep’ and explore your values and fundamental beliefs. This process resulted in me evaluating where I was in life compared to those values. Things needed to change, after going through the process it was so clear. I have never been surer of anything in my life. I highly recommend Dan’s life coaching services.

K James Cambridge

Dan Skeates - Men's Life Coach

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