Day 102 – 17th July 2014 Islamabad

As Islamabad is so dull the picture is of me in Balochistan running away from the Shia Pilgrims who are just passing in the middle of the desert – Ha Ha – ref: Day 88 blog.

The Monsoon arrived today.

Luckily I was in a posh American restaurant having breakfast in the Diplomatic Enclave when the rain came so I relaxed for an hour or so until it passed, cappuccino anyone? note: this is a rarity as I normally have either no or averagely poor breakfast.

We returned to The Ministry of Interior to be told we wouldn’t be getting our NOC before next week!

I then went to the India visa centre and again I was there after closing but I know the armed guards there and knew I would get in eventually, I tried to teach them ‘rock, paper scissors’ and if I won they should let me in, they laughed and didn’t understand the rules! My communication skills letting me down again. Shortly after I was in and they said they have my passport for me, I wasn’t expecting to collect it just hassle them a bit. I got the passport and there was no visa stamp, they said in 7 – 10 days the visa will hopefully be authorised and I can give them the passport back etc…

So, 4 days of bureaucracy now.

I have been asked what I do when I’m not riding – There is so much to do, find accommodation & food, plan the next day, get visas, approvals, permits. Maintain the bike, arrange spares, answer the mass of Facebook messages, do the blog, wash my dirty ‘smalls’, and try and find time to see the places I visit and meet the locals.

I’m loving all of it.

I bought India and SE Asia maps so destination unknown maybe destination known for next 3 months shortly.

A boring afternoon of doing nothing as Islamabad is a boring city, this culminated in a decision to scrap the NOC and just go to the KKH without approval in the morning.