Day 12 – 18th April 2014 leave 8.15am Miles rode 200 Alexandroupolis – Istanbul

It’s fucking raining! I rode away in the rain and after 30 mins I was at the Turkish boarder, I saw lorries cueing up 2km from the boarder crossing and I thought I would take hours to cross, the outside lane was empty and I rode straight past the lorries and to the boarder. I purchased a visa and bike insurance and went to passport control, after 1 1/2 hours I was in:)

This meant a lot to me as turkey was my first destination. A few hours more riding and I would be in Istanbul where Steph Jeavons was, she had a room for the night for us.

The rain stopped as I crossed into turkey and I realised the only bad weather on the whole ride down was in Greece. As I arrived in Istanbul the sun shone and I checked into the hotel, luxury, this was no hostel! Steph and I went out that evening and as I thought she is a great girl, determined, kind and in control, I like Steph.

In case I don’t update over the next few days the plan is (it’s Saturday today) to stay here in Istanbul with Steph for 4 / 5 days and then next Wednesday ride south down the Coast. I’ll ride for a number of days and then Steph will carry on south and ill return to Istanbul to collect my Iranian visa and my carnet.