Day 120 – 4th August 2014 Islamabad

Islamabad was getting on with Monday morning, the family below (see pic) doing what people all over the world do, going to work and taking the kids to school.

I arrived at the visa centre and they were so busy and saying it would take days to get my visa I told them I would sort it so I went direct to the India High Commission and after 20 minutes I left with a six month visa.

At midday I pulled up at Iqbal’s Honda Centre thinking I would maybe be there until 5 or 6pm. It was 8pm when I finished a full service and had carried out the repairs I could. Iqbal and his guys work so hard and are very competent as people bring there bikes for service all day (they start at 8am). I suggested to Iqbal that we sort my bent pannier frame out in the morning but he told me the body specialist would be with us shortly with the jig. An hour and a half later everything was sorted and the boys wouldn’t close the workshop until my bike had been polished, it looked like new:)

I posted the picture / address of Iqbal’s Honda Centre previously but I’ve added it below again as I strongly recommend you visit should you need any help with your bike here in Islamabad.

It was about 10pm when I finally got back to my hotel and crashed out having had a very productive day.