Day 126 – 10th August 2014 Amritsar

Late afternoon whilst trying to buy a SIM card Urszula and I found a bar, not a fancy bar, quite the reverse but they sold beer! They only had ‘Haywards 5000’ at 8.5% and as I hadn’t had a beer for a month and only half a dozen in 2 1/2 months I knew there would only be one outcome! After 1/4 of the bottle I felt the effect and I loved it:) we shared a 2nd and I had had enough, about 750ml of strong beer was all I needed to leave in a worse state than I arrived in.

After only 50 metres whilst trying to negotiate a puddle of wet mud I lost my flip whilst sliding around, how I didn’t fall in the thick, smelly stuff I don’t know. I walked back with no shoes and muddy feet! Have I really missed beer that much?

I slept like a log.