Day 129 – 13th August 2014 Jammu

I took my bike to a street motorbike repair shop as the brake pads I had made in Pakistan weren’t lasting and they had a new pair in stock, amazing! They also looked at a problem I have with a noise coming from the front sprocket but couldn’t find anything wrong so my bike is as ready as it can be for The Himalayas. Total cost including brake pads, can of chain lube and labor £6.30 I’ll leave for Srinagar in the morning.

I walked around the city in the afternoon and visited my first Hindu temple of this trip, I really like Hindu temples and this was one of the best in Jammu & Kashmir I’m told.

Out and about in the evening and there was a big wedding at the hotel next to me, how wonderful to see so many Indian women dressed in the most beautiful coloured saris.