Day 131 – 15th August 2014 Srinagar

I normally wake to the noise of air conditioning or a fan, today I woke to the sound of birds, It’s warm but not hot, the perfect temperature.

I’ve been in India 5 days and I feel so healthy already both physically and mentally. Shameem (Bashir’s wife) freshly prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner, perfect.

Bashir and I took a boat to a carpet shop where I spent a couple of hours learning how they hand make them and choosing which ones to send home (Rowan Atkinson moment). I then brought some antique Kashmir objects and silver jewellery, I think the sun has got to me.

I’ve been in contact with Sreenath who is riding a motorbike around India for charity with his sister and friend. They are raising money to send Indian kids to school, our travels coincided and we met hoping to ride together tomorrow but heavy rain came down all evening so I may not as the conditions may have led to landslides in the mountain blocking the road and the river crossings may be impassable ?