Day 14 – 20th April 2014 Istanbul

Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!

Would you ‘Adam & Eve it!’

The company that was sorting my iranian visa out has just mailed me saying the the MFA for Iran have suddenly imposed restrictions to British and Canadian nationals whereby I now need a guide for 100% of the time I am in Iran (at considerable cost) and it takes 30 to 60+ days to get!
I do wonder if I’m being ‘tested’ there have been so many things crop up to deter me – well not enough, I’ll plough on matey!

I spent the day researching options, Steph was great, researching too. We found out Steph was one of the last to get the visa and I was one of the first not. As the change is so recent there isn’t any information on the internet yet. I researched other routes avoiding Iran and also used all contacts to ask for help.

My emotions were up one minute and down the next.

We are getting to know the locals in the area we are staying (not touristy) and had great local cheap food.