Day 15 – 21st April 2014 leave 8.15am Miles rode 9 Istanbul

Up early and off to Iranian Embassy where they confirmed they just process visas and Tehran makes the decision. As I thought I have to get an authorisation code and this means a guide so looking into prices today and sorting other IT / mail stuff in between coffee in the sun.

I feel really chilled out, in no hurry for anything to happen. All is good.

I will be with Steph for a few days more, our travels are similar but very different as she is on a schedule and has people to stay with everywhere. Many people want to meet her as she is doing the whole ‘solo woman around the world’ thing, she told me last night only one other British woman has ridden solo around the world and that was 30 years ago – go Steph.

It’s great to see the local people taking care of the stray cats & dogs by feeding them and as Steph and I had a kebab the owner gave two separate homeless men free kebabs, it was nice to see, I feel istanbul has a great community feel, I like it here:)