Day 161 – 14th September 2014 Leave 10.30am Miles rode 61 Anuradhapura – Sigiriya (Sri Lanka)

My muscles felt better today so I attempted a run but it was very hot & humid so I didn’t run far, even the monkeys laughed at the slow pace!

We had a ride around the ancient ruins and had a couple of brushes with the local constabulary, we were first pulled over so the nice policeman could check our driving licences, I showed him mine and he said he needed to see my Sri Lankan one so I told him my UK license was valid for Sri Lanka and he said he didn’t know that and smiled and we went on our way, why can’t our police be so understanding? After riding around the ruins for a while the security / police realised we hadn’t paid for a ticket (the ticket was expensive) so we cut the sight seeing short and headed south to Sigiriya.

The ride was great with empty roads and tropical landscape around us. Scooter Safari went off road again and it was great fun, neither of us fell off today as we’re getting to grips with the skills needed to go off road on a scooter.

My exercise tomorrow will be climbing Sigiriya Rock.