Day 17 – 23rd April 2014 leave 8.30am Miles rode 135 Istanbul – Lake Iznik

Off to the ‘Indian Embassy’ this morning, it would be good to get this visa sorted in the next week or so then I have India & Pakistan ‘in the bag’ which means other than Iran I’m sorted for the next few months. This will also allow me to plan a couple of options depending upon whether I get the Iran visa or not. I have been contacted by a guy who wants to travel Iran, Pakistan & India around the same time so we’ll see. It would have been great to have had the Iran visa sorted, but I haven’t, I suppose this is travel ‘Dan Style’ take it as it comes, not too much planning, ‘go with the flow’…

The India visa didn’t happen as they need an exact entry place and I have no idea where it will be so I’ll get the visa as originally planned nearer the time.

Steph had a free service at Honda Istanbul so I went there with her and she was like a ‘minor celebrity’, as I was there they involved me a bit, photos etc. it was ok. I got a new tank bag and sorted a few bits on my bike.

Five hours after arriving at just gone 5pm we rode away from Honda with a few people, out of Istanbul, across a section of the Sea of Marmara by ferry and down to Lake Iznik where we were hoping to camp but it was too late when we arrived so we booked into a hotel. A couple of beers, food and bed.