Day 18 – 24th April 2014 leave 9.30am Miles rode 153 Lake Iznik – Erdek

An interesting ride initially followed by hours of boring straight dual carriageways, we arrived near our destination to find ourselves in an industrial town, not nice, we rode on and after 20 mins were in Erdek, a wonderful seaside town full of character, both the town and people.

We camped for the first time on the trip.

As it’s early in the year I’m sure we were the first campers of the season. We put the tents up and then I did a few maintenance Jobs on Sally (the bike) and cooked a meal followed by a few beers. The camp site owner invited us for late food and drink, so at about 10pm we had another lovely meal and a bottle and half of a lethal spirit. The camp site owner had a eye for Steph who had to put up with his attempts at suducing her Turkish style! At some late hour we retired to our tents.