Day 189 – 12th October 2014 Leave Midday Miles rode 110 Kathmandu – Shiduli

An important letter from DVLA arrived this morning which concluded everything I needed to do in Kathmandu so at midday I headed SouthEast, I had varying opinions on the road from its new and perfect to its not navigable in parts, it sounded as though it could be a challenge.

The first hour or so was good and the further I went the better the road got, eventually it was a new road with perfect tarmac sweeping alongside a massive river. As always, the sun was bright and I was loving riding alone.

All good things tend to come to an end!

The new road did end and where they were still making the new road over the majority of the old road there was nothing more than a temporary track, a very poor track in places. It went up, down and around parts of the mountain, across small rivers, there were rocks & dust! There was one steep climb which must have been a few hundred metres long, it was soft mud, had it been raining with the weight of my bike, panniers & luggage there would have been no way I would have made it. I’ve been here before I thought!

At 5pm I came across the first town in 4 hours and found a hotel, when I say hotel we’re talking a town that you have to get to via a track so I doubt many tourist choose this as a destination and the hotel was no Hilton at £2.50 per night.

There wasn’t a menu so they just brought me a plate of food, rice, chicken, veg & spice. It was good.

They insisted I didn’t leave the bike outside and put it in the restaurant over night.