Day 19 – 25th April 2014 leave 10.00am Miles rode 147 Erdek – Cunda Island

I was woken at 5.15 with the usual ‘call to prayer’, I had a slight headache and eventually went back to sleep to wake at 8 feeling not too bad. There was a mist rolling in from the sea so we packed our tents away wet.

The ride was great today up in the mountains.

We arrived at ‘Cunda Island’ thinking there was a camp site, we were informed there wasn’t so the local restaurateur told us to put the tents up anywhere and we could use his loos & shower. We did.

I’m now sitting in his restaurant with a beer looking over the blue sea with the sun going down behind us:) Very Happy Days:)
Very content, how lovely, how great to camp on the beach.