Day 190 – 13th October 2014 Leave 9am Miles rode 195 Sindhuli – Kankarbhitta

I woke to rain.

Not monsoon rain which crashes down and is over in 10 minutes – 1 hour, but that dull slow, constant rain that lasts hours, English rain! It was the first time I had experienced this type of rain in what seemed like my whole journey.

I had 38km to reach the highway where I assumed the road would be good but the prospect of the same conditions as yesterday but wet and rain coming down didn’t fill me with joy. Luckily other than a small patch of very slippery mud the road was perfect and I reached the highway within an hour had breakfast and headed east in the rain back to India.

The rain persisted for maybe 3 or 4 hours and then everything dried up. Give me monsoon any day, at least it doesn’t last.

I crossed a massive dam early afternoon where fresh fish was being cooked and sold by the roadside, I don’t think I had had fish since Sri Lanka. I arrived at the border at about 4pm and found a hotel within spitting distance so I settled in for the night as I didn’t want to arrive in India in the dark not knowing if there was a hotel nearby or not.

Again I had fish and like last night the owner of the hotel insisted I leave my bike inside the restaurant over night.IMG_0919.JPGIMG_0921.JPGIMG_0912.JPG