Day 199 – 22nd October 2014 Leave 7.30am Miles rode 195 Alipur Duar – Guwahati

Garth and I had a long day planned so we left early, India wasn’t sleeping in either and when I returned from the ATM at 7.30am Garth already had a crowd of young men around him intrigued and asking him questions.

Once in a while for good reason or not we all have an amazing feeling. It was my turn today.

We left early, I went to the ATM and then after filling up I felt today would be special. It was. I listened to music for the first few hours, Embrace, Beautiful South, Beyoncé & The Black Keys (no comments needed) and as I rode I couldn’t stop smiling, why don’t I feel like this every day? does anyone?

I was riding East as usual and only 300 – 400km from the Burma border, the temperature was rising and it was looking more and more tropical. Everything about the day was perfect, the weather, the people, the great surroundings with Bhutan to the north and Bangladesh to the south I could see the foothills of The Himalayas in Bhutan and the many rivers I crossed were all heading south down to the Bangladesh Delta and Bay of Begal.

As I write about it now it doesn’t seem as good as I knew it was at the time, I wish I felt that good and as content every day:)

It was Diwali Festival in the evening which is an ancient Hindu festival spiritually signifying the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. The fireworks and bangs went on late into the night.

What a day.