Day 20 – 26th April 2014 leave 11.15am Miles rode 55 miles Cunda Island

I was warm and could hear the water slowly lapping against the shore around me as I woke up. After a while I opened up my tent, stayed in my sleeping bag and watched the near still sea. It was the sound that was special. It was 8am, I had had another good night sleep and it was wonderful. I am travelling now:)

Travel equals reflection to me, especially when riding a motorbike. Time is available in major quantities and my thoughts run wild! When I’m ridding my bike with my crash helmet on I have hours to drift from one thought to another with none of the normal every day life interruptions. I have reflected for hours and hours over days and weeks so far but feel I have hardly scratched the surface.

What a great day, Steph wasn’t feeling great this morning so we decided to ride round the island, we found out quite quickly that there was some great ‘off roading’, we spent hours exploring the island, manly off road. It was the first time I had taken ‘Sally’ off road and she performed perfectly. I had a great day and I’m pretty sure Steph did too. In the evening we chilled at the restaurant next to where we’re camping sorting the next few days out. I decided not to travel any further with Steph as the route seems nothing special and I’ll be getting further away from Istanbul. whilst its been great travelling with Steph its time to go our separate ways. All good.

I hope Steph and I stay in touch. Go Steph…

Worked out the MPH for the last few days and I did 76MPH which is great.