Day 200 – 23rd October 2014 Leave 9am Miles rode 94 Guwahati – Cherrapunji

Why would anyone go to ‘The Rainiest Place on Planet Earth’?

We didn’t have many miles to ride today but we thought the roads would be bad and as it’s Diwali Festival they would be busy. In the main the roads were very good but at times like so many other places I’ve passed through the road was a dirt track, I had to stop for a late breakfast after an hour or so as my eyes were full of dust. Meeting the local people here in NE India is a pleasure they are very welcoming and as their reaction is amazement we are here I feel hardly any western tourists come to this region especially not on what the locals call ‘big motorbikes’.

At lunchtime we passed through the mountains at Shillong, I wasn’t expecting such amazing views over massive narrow valleys, the road didn’t sweep up and down the mountain it followed the ridge line giving a fabulous view down to the valley below. Like yesterday the further east I travel now the more tropical it gets.

It’s been sunny for days, maybe weeks, maybe months but it wasn’t a surprise when I saw clouds 50km before our destination as Cherrapunji is famed for being ‘The Rainiest Place on Planet Earth’. Fortune was on our side and shortly after they cleared and we had a great ride into the mountain town with clear blue skies.IMG_5335.JPG