Day 203 – 26th October 2014 Silchar

I woke early and my calf muscles were killing me, it was 48 hours ago I climbed down 2,000 steps and up again visiting the ‘living bridges’, I have only myself to blame as my preparation was zero!

I can’t have watched TV more than a handful of times since I left home so I have no idea why at 6am I turned the TV on? As I flicked through the programmes I could hardly make out what I was looking at as the picture was so distorted, I hung in there and after flicking through maybe 15 channels I came across a football game and the picture was ok, not perfect, ok. I looked closer and it was at the end of the first half and it was only a reply of yesterday’s game at Upton Park, West Ham were beating Man City 1 – 0!

Who were those men in claret and blue playing a style of football so reminiscent of days gone by but winning! We won 2 – 1!

NOTE TO SELF: when I go home in addition to seeing the people I love, walking Jess my dog and having a bacon sandwich I must go and watch those amazing men in claret & blue!

I’ve been waiting to come face to face with a big spider and at 10am I did, not in the jungle but the hotel toilet of all places. Why does such a s small 8 legged thing cause me so much pain? I must man up…

Early afternoon about 20 bikers from ‘Silchar Trumpets’ turned up, the local Royal Enfield bikers club, great guys, shortly after a couple of guys I met yesterday arrived to take Garth, Ian and & I to lunch, food and beer and good conversation.

Early evening a few guys turned up at the hotel and invited us to a Hindu ceremony where we were given gifts and the local press turned up, very strange but all ok!