Day 21 – 27th April 2014 leave 11.00am Miles rode 283 Cunda island – Istanbul

Slept well (note to self: you can stop commenting on it now:) and again heard the lapping of the waves, contentment. I heard Steph packing away so made an effort to get up. Steph had started packing and after a cuppa we said our farewell and she headed south. I felt empty when she went and did so for most of the morning, but as I have come to learn about myself I knew it would be temporary.

I headed in the direction of Istanbul not expecting to make it but when at 5.30pm I realised I was under two hours away I cracked on and checked into the ‘Istanbul Hostel’. I hadn’t ridden in Istanbul in the dark, wow, the buildings all illuminated look great. It was over 30 miles (45 mins) from the ferry riding into central Istanbul and I loved it, there were skyscrapers and lights all the way. I really like Istanbul. I arrived at the hostel which is about as central as you could get, I’m about 100 meters from the blue mosque in a trendy hostel with cool roof terrace looking over the city & Bosphorus. I feel at home. Bike parked up outside ‘The Four Seasons Hotel’ with camera keeping her safe:)

My travels so far can be broken in half; firstly riding down through Europe and secondly being with Steph in turkey, very different. Both enjoyable but time is right to move into a new phase. Steph is a lovely girl, determined, extremely determined, ambitious and knows how to achieve. I like Steph and enjoyed her company, we have lots in common, our manner the way we are but, we are very different too. A contradiction maybe but it’s true. Steph plans successfully every day and I don’t. Neither is right or wrong, just different.

I’m sure Steph and I will drink beer again one day, I’m just not sure which country it will be in:) Ride safe Steph.