Day 214 – 6th November 2014 Leave 8am Miles rode 230 Naypyidaw – Yangon

Tropical Rain!

Yangon was the Capitol of Myanmar until 2005 when Naypyidaw became the Capitol. Like so many new cities Naypyidaw has new 4 lane roads with no traffic and new buildings everywhere, hotels, museums and government buildings but no people so we rode out of the city in the rain alone!

It was a 230 mile straight highway all the way to Yangon and 200 miles of it in the pouring rain! Not fun.

Apparently we were followed by a police car for the last 10+ kilometres from a checkpoint on the edge of Yangon but I didn’t realise as I was concentrating on riding in the rain. The group was split into 3 smaller groups and the last group were stopped by the police and were taken to the police station where they had to leave their bike until they left the city, why? I have no idea?

Arriving at the hotel soaking wet isn’t fun.

Not all days are great. The constant rain and the problems I’m having with my bike, tyres knackered, back sprocket and chain on their last legs and general service needed I hope I get the 1,000 km to Bangkok without a breakdown.