Day 216 – 8th November 2014 Leave 7am Miles rode 116 Yangon – Kyaikhto

Riding in a group can be amazing when you are all working together and everyone feels part of a tight team, it’s even more amazing when riding a bike on the other side of the world.

For the last few days I haven’t felt like part of a team.

The team has fragmented into small groups of individuals even though discussions have taken place and people have agreed we should work closer together. A persons silence in a meeting when discussions are taking place means total agreement to me, not ‘airing a viewpoint’ when the team discusses things and then doing something opposite to what the team agrees is disappointing.

I love solo riding and I love group (team) riding.

Tomorrow is the last day the group is together as we cross into Thailand late afternoon, we all stay at a hotel just over the border in Thailand and then most head north to Chiang Mai whilst Kristjan and I head SE to Bangkok.

It was an easy ride today with great roads, beautiful tropical landscape and blue skies, it’s getting more and more humid as we head further into SE Asia. We arrived at the hotel early and after lunch headed to see The Golden Rock, if you are a Buddhist I’m sure it is a great place to visit. I thought it was a waste of time especially as the journey up and down the mountain in the back of a lorry on an extremely uncomfortable bench seat was painfully long and not enjoyable at all.