Day 22 – 28th April 2014 Istanbul

I woke to heavy rain and headed up to the restaurant for breakfast. I knew we were central but I didn’t realise from the restaurant The Bosphorus was only a few hundred metres away and the view across was amazing (even in the rain). I decided a day staying in catching up with IT & communication was in order.

Heidi, who I had been messaging on Facebook contacted me and we met with a Alp, a Turkish man she knows through travel & motorbikes. We had a few beers and then went an old shisha cafe with no tourist (other than Heidi & me) and had a really good afternoon. Istanbul is great, even better with great people.

For 5 hours this morning I hung out in the travel agent type office associated with the hostel as they had a comfy sofa, in the evening the guy who works there invited me to eat and drink with him and his friend. Good food and ‘firewater’ to drink.

Ceyhan confirmed this evening that I could stay in his apartment whilst he is away 1st – 4th May. This is great as I can work on my blog, he also has a garage / workshop where I can service & check my bike out.

It’s all about the people.