Day 279 Savannakhet – Pakse (Laos) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

10th January 2015
Leave 10.30am
Miles rode 166 (266km)

Beautiful blue skies this morning.

After ridding for 2 hours I stopped for lunch, I’m loving the small villages where lunch on the dry dusty road is so basic, the people always smile and then laugh and talk each other, I’m sure they are talking about me, hopefully good stuff? The food costs more than half of what it does in the towns.

I musts say The majority of Laos towns and cities and not interesting at all, if it wasn’t for the fact that most are along side the Mekong they would have very little appeal. The countryside on the other hand is much better and when you head east of the main north south highway the roads deteriorate and the mountains rise, much better.

Pakse is interesting by night, 99% of locals gather at one of maybe 50 simple restaurants along side The Mekong, I had a beer in one and then gravitated to a bar with live music, it was empty when I arrived but over the next hour youngsters (aged 16 – 25) arrived and the place was alive like any bar in the world, many came up to ask where I was from. They were having a normal ‘Friday night out’, I left them to it!

It’s been so bloody hot today.