Day 28 – 4th May 2014 Istanbul

Today might be my last day in Istanbul as I think I’m leaving tomorrow morning to head south so, a day of sorting out stuff.

I had a last visit to the city centre and I’m sure everyone will be pleased to know I’ve found the ‘Holy Grail’. Yes Dave (a Monty Python connoisseur), it’s true I’ve found it! John Cleese, Eric Idle and crew would be proud. The picture above shows ‘Cemberlitas Column’, erected by Constantine the Great in 330AD. It once had a giant statue of ‘Emperor Constantine’ on top but more importantly it’s believed that the ‘Holy Grail’ is buried under it…

Ceyhan returned from his trip to Bulgaria and we were invited upstairs to his friends penthouse apartment for food and drinks, it’s an amazing place with a massive roof terrace as well. I had a great evening with Ceyhan’s friends, a nice last night in Istanbul.