Day 287 Siem Reap – Bangkok (Thailand) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

Left – 8am
18th January 2015
Miles rode 280 (448km)

I had an early coffee and headed back to Thailand. My son, Olly is coming out to visit me for the month of March and we plan to travel thought Cambodia & Vietnam so I saw no point in staying in Cambodia and seeing everything now. In addition my good friend Heiko who I rode with in Iran, Pakistan & India has been in so much pain for weeks with kidney stones and I wanted to visit it him in Bangkok.

I arrived at the border at 11am and whilst I had to give my fingerprints upon leaving Cambodia which I hate they were efficient and my motorbike and I passed through within 15 minutes. The Thai side was longer, they took over and hour and made a mistake with my visa. I had been granted a 60 day visa but they only stamped 30 days in my passport! Luckily I checked and they rectified their error. I wanted my motorbike to have 60 days entry too but they only give 30 days at all borders so, as I did previously I’ll get a 30 extension.

By 12.30 I was back inside Thailand and after finding an ATM and getting some food I was back ridding on the left hand side of the road. I’ve changed from left to right and visa versa so many times it feels completely normal ridding on either side now.

I arrived in Bangkok late afternoon and went straight to the Heidenau tyre dealer and still no tyres for me! I hope they get stock soon.

It was great seeing Heiko having not seen him for 4 months.