Day 3 – 9th April 2014 leave 9.00am Miles rode 263 Luxembourg – Stockach

As I rode out of Luxembourg it reminded me of ‘The Stepford Wives’ a classic film. As soon as I left Luxembourg and entered France I had an immediate sense of happiness, the French do ‘shabby chic’ so well, just never repair or paint anything, so simple really (stupid English people pay so much to achieve this look when all they have to do is never repair or paint anything).

The ride this morning was cold but but at about 10am the sun popped through the clouds and I stop in a village for coffee, the locals greet me with a smile.

It’s all about the people.

The ride through the Black Forest in Germany was amazing, it was better than when I last rode it 2 years ago as it was extremely busy then, today though it was empty, I saw only a handful of cars. I did some off roading down a track in the forest for about 10 miles, it was quiet and magical, happy days. I rode south and stopped in Southern Germany. The roads today outside towns were empty. It warmed up, so did I.