Day 32 – 8th May 2014 leave 9.00am Miles rode 183 Bodrum – Fethiye

I left Bodrum early and rode across the mountains to Fethiye, it took most of the day and was some of the best riding to date. The road twisted up to nearly 1000 meters before dropping down to the sea where I stopped for a swim.

The women in the mountains tend to the livestock in fields whilst the older men sit in cafés in small villages drinking tea, talking and playing a game similar to dominos. I stopped for lunch in one such village and as I’ve found whilst travelling in Turkey you can buy a wonderful stew as much bread as you can eat and a bottle of water for £2.30. The men were insistent I stay for a glass of tea which costs about 14pence and we looked at my sat nav and communicated without understanding each other’s language, I left with a smile again. It’s all about the people.

Someone much wiser than me once said when you travel the food is tastier, the sea more blue and the women more beautiful, how true.

In Fethiye I was recommended ‘The Fish Market’ for a meal so I went and sat at one of the restaurants and the prices were far to much for me so I asked for a budget meal. The waiter was great and asked me to follow him out of the main area to a small cafe / restaurant, the owner said I should buy a fish and he would cook it for me. I brought a Sea Bass and he cooked it to perfection for a quarter of the price I had seen in the other restaurant.

Happy days.