Day 37 – 13th May 2014 leave 7.30am Miles rode 335 Kayseri – Urfa

Left early today and rode across the mountains all day, there were very few cars about and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to the first small town at 1500 meters high. I pulled into a dusty cafe and the men came out ‘welcome’ they said with a smile.

Late morning having spent 4 days in the mountains at between 1200 – 2000 meters I dropped down to about 500 meters, it felt very hot for the first time.

The last two days I’ve arrived late afternoon and by the time I’ve carried routine maintenance on the bike etc it’s been about 8pm by the time I get out. I like seeing the cities by night, everywhere feels 100% safe, people out and about enjoying life, no one in a hurry.

I found myself in a cafe where a couple of musicians were playing, spoke to them and they said they never see European Tourist. As I move east Nobody drinks alcohol so it’s Turkish Tea for me.

A good friend sent me the following 2 messages on the day I left England;

Dan, is this D for departure day?! Have an amazing time, enjoy it all, the highs & the lows. Remember, every now & then (especially when in a place that has just taken your breath away with it’s beauty or you have that inner feeling of contentment & pure joy) stop & look, listen & smell-capture it with all your senses & you’ll be able to revisit it for eternity. oh & forward me your blog details! Take care, be safe-now go marvel at our amazing world.

Oh & don’t forget to smile to yourself when the moment you realise you’re not on holiday but infact on this amazing adventure hits you! I’m almost tearful with the knowledge of the gift you’re about to give to your soul.

Anne! I’m smiling most of the time x