Day 391 Pangandaran (Indonesia) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

  • Left – I didn’t 
  • 1st May 2015
  • Miles rode – 

I had a few beers last night so didn’t emerge this morning until late. I needed to get my bike repaired so took to the streets in search of a motor mechanic, the usual dirty but excellent kind you find on streets all over Asia. I heard a call from outside one from an Indonesian guy that looked pretty cool and chilled so I pulled over and Toño introduced himself. Toño is a biker and we discussed my bike problem with one of the mechaninics from the workshop and over the next 3 hours established that the black stuff on my engine was a melted plastic mat that was under my battery, the consensus of opinion was that BMW had over topped up my battery and as the breather tube wasn’t connected it leaked battery acid onto the pad beneath, it then melted and dripped down over the engine. Ok so the engine looks a mess but easy to resolve.

Whilst checking the bike over we discovered the radiator fan wasn’t working as the water heat sensor was broken, no BMW parts here so we wired the fan in the ignition. Temporary or permanent solution? While the bike was in pieces I did an oil change.

The mechanic charged me £7 for the oil, coolant and various miscellaneous items. I paid the mechanic £2.50 as well. The welder charged me £1

It goes without saying that I don’t want bike problems although they are to be expected with not only the distances but the rough terrain in most of the places I ride. And yes I wish my bike knowledge was much better.

Tono helped me for 4 hours in total as we also had to get my pannier frame welded elsewhere. He and everyone else I met today was great, smiling and really wanted my bike to be as good as possible for my onward journey.

Later in the afternoon I decided to visit the beach and chill out. 

I’ve been in Asia for a year now and everywhere I go I’m not only made to feel welcome but I feel everyone really cares about me and the Dakar and wants to help.

It’s all about Tono.