Day 4 – 10th April 2014 leave 8.45am Miles rode 227 Stockach – Silvaplana

I woke to blue skies, The Alps are a few hours ride away and I’m putting as many clothes on as I can in preparation for the cold. The Alps fascinate me and I am so looking forward to riding the mountains, could it be better than yesterday?

It was different to yesterday not better. I was high up where its cold with deep snow everywhere, I love the mountains, the freshness, the beauty. I wanted to get ‘over’ The Alps so I rode until 6pm, I kept going up expecting to go down the other side at some point, it was very cold, the snow was getting deeper around me but riding the switchbacks was great.

I wanted to stop but there was nowhere to, I ended up in a hotel with snowboarders, it was expensive.