Day 465 Kakadu National Park – Katherine Gorge (Australia) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

  • Left – 9.30am
  • 13th July 2015
  • Miles rode – 174 (278km)

It was cold today! I hadn’t been cold for many months and had to put a warm top on, I’m in northern Australia and didn’t expect this.

As I rode down straight empty roads there was dry red earth all around me with thousands of small trees and termite mounds reaching many metres high, with big blue skies above this had to be Australia. I was loving the vastness and solitude which is a complete contrast to many parts of Asia.

I arrived in Katherine early afternoon, a small town that had the feel that I imagine hadn’t changed in decades, road trains creating dust clouds as they pushed north & south through the main road, aborigines driving around in beaten up old cars and white Australians pulling up in 4WD’s covered in red dust. I found a coffee shop chilled out for a while and after headed 20km to Katherine Gorge where I made camp for the night.

I’m enjoying my first few days ‘on the road’ in Australia but having spent over a year in Asia I’m not quite used to the western whiteness yet. I have no doubt as I venture south the feel will change.

Time for a beer.

I haven’t seen one other biker who’s doing the long haul yet but I have met more Harley Davidson riders than anywhere else in the world, Harley’s are usually the minority of bikes I see but here they are at least 90%. An Aussie guy came over to my small camp and asked questions about my bike, travels as people do, he was so interesting having done a similar route to me in reverse in the 1970’s, we swopped stories for hours until his wife came and found him. Great guy, great conversation, great travels, great life…

Bed time.