Day 6 – 12th April 2014 leave 10.00am Miles rode 288 Venice – Zadar

I left Venice and for the next 3 hours I rode until I arrived at the Slovenian boarder, the ride there was overcast, dull and boring. I made the mistake of not listening to music. I arrived in Slovenia and stopped after 100 meters to get a meal, a beautiful, friendly woman welcomed me and offered me coffee and apple strudel, I left satisfied.

It’s all about the people.

The roads were wet although I missed the rain. As I headed down from the mountains into Rijeka I felt the road was ‘slippery’, the front tyre slipped a couple of times even though I was taking it easy. I hadn’t rode on such a slippery road before, I imagined it feels how an oil slick would? I continued cautiously for 2 – 3 miles and as I was turning an easy left sweeping corner the front wheel slipped away and the bike and I cashed to the road, we slid for a short distance before coming to a stop. I was only doing about 15 – 20 mph as were the cars around me so everything was ok, a guy got out of his car, helped me pick the bike up and move it off the road. I wasn’t hurt at all, my clothing had worked like a dream, I slid down the road and as it was so slippery it hadn’t even left a mark. The bike was fine other than a few scratches on the pannier and handle bar end. Ah well…

A few hours later I checked into ‘The Drunken Monkey Hostel’ in Zadar, I’m the oldest swinger’ in town! I have no problem with that, I wonder if ‘the young backpackers do? Not that I care:)