Day 62 – 7th June 2014 Erzurum

Trying to locate the shipping company that had my tyres wasn’t as easy as I assumed. After many people giving me directions and a ‘Police escort’ I collected them and a biker took me to a motorbike mechanic for fitting. By 11.00am I had new Heidenau K60’s Scout’s fitted.

The rest of the day was spent considering options, see map;

1) Syria & Iraq – no go as war zone.
2) Iran – no go as visa impossible to get.
3) Georgia, Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China & Pakistan – Garth is working on this one.
4) Fly with bike across next few thousand miles to Nepal / India – very very expensive but I’m getting prices.

Whilst I have ‘No Destination’ it is my intention to head east, so let’s see what’s doable over the next week?

After all the ‘visa events’ of the last month Garth & I had a mail late in the evening saying they have found us a guide! The crazy thing is that we’ve been talking to so many tour agencies one mailed me say fill out the forms it’s looking good and the same agency mailed Garth saying we may be able to share a guide with two other bikers. We worked out we are the other two bikers. Very good news and very funny.

Whilst there are STILL hurdles to cross this is the most positive news we’ve had yet on the Iran visa.