Day 7 – 13th April 2014 leave 10.45am Miles rode 260 Zadar – Dubrovnik

What a great day. The coastal road again amazed me, so many twists and turns, tight bends and long sweeping bends, the blue sea on my right and the mountains on my left. Croatia into Bosnia was a farce, I took an inland route up the mountains and just as I got to the top of the mountain I saw the boarder post, two Bosnian officials were amazed to see me as I had ridden up what was no more than a dirt track! They asked what I was doing as this road was just for local people (I knew then I wasn’t getting through), they were good guys doing there job and although they laughed and smiled they told me I had to do another 40 miles back to the main boarder gate!!!

The world is a wonderful & straightforward place that humans complicate!

The coastal part of Bosnia is 5 miles long and then back into Croatia again briefly before you arrive in Montenegro.

The ride into Croatia was wonderful, as I arrived in Dubrovnik I knew it was a special place. My Dad had driven the family, Mum and 4 kids all the way down here in the late 1960’s. I hadn’t realised before what an adventure it was to have done that then. Well done Dad.

I stayed in the old town in a lovely backpackers, lovely people. I walked around at night and had a few beers:)
I wasn’t the oldest swinger in town this time, a lovely Japanese lady was older! The majority of people in the hostels are 22 – 27 I guess and they don’t seem to care that I’m older, they engage with me and I like that. It’s all about the people.

I will return to Dubrovnik if I fall in love… (I may not be returning anytime soon).