Day 81 – 26th June 2014 leave 9.30am Miles rode 293 Urmia – Zanjan

In high spirits we left Hossein and headed further into Iran with Aidin (our guide), we soon crossed Urmia Salt lake which is the largest lake in the Middle East, as we headed south the terrain changed, it became dryer, there were no trees and the soil was changing from brown to yellow in this new arid environment. The mountains were multicoloured with amazing reds, yellows and aqua blue stripes. As we passed cars and lorries so many people waved, honked their horn and smiled at us.

The police are so friendly, one had a speeding camera and when I passed he was so pleased to see me he frantically waved and gestured for me to pull over, as I was with Garth and the guide I thought it would have been rude to stop so I waved back and carried on:)

We stayed in Zanjan that evening and went into the city where again so many people wanted to talk to us and offer us help on our travels.

Did I mention that Iranian women are stunning, well, they are.