Day 9 – 15th April 2014 leave 11.15am Miles rode 156 Thumane – Bitola

Again I slept all night, this must mean the stress I experienced over the last few months in England is slowly leaching away:)

I gave Chris a ride to the workshop a mile down the road and went back to the hotel to sort my panniers and stuff out. The hour I spent was productive, I’m a tidy person and I now felt tidy. I retuned to the workshop and Chris said the chain would be delivered in an hour, it was now 10.30 and the workshop guy said it will be at least another hour before it’s delivered and then there’s fitting, I tried to tell Chris last night I thought he wouldn’t get away at 10.00am he’ll be here most of the day and as I have to get going in another direction I think I’ll head off soon.

The riding again was great other than the patch of diesel / oil I hit on a bend, the bike slid for a short distance before it gripped again and all was ok, my heart skipped a beat…

How lovely Macedonia is, the difference once I crossed the boarder was instant, clean and well kept compared to Albania. The people don’t seem harsh, they are soft, friendly, considerate, well mannered (just how you would like your kids to be). I arrived in Bitola and felt calm and knew I was going to enjoy it. The town is old, charming and had a wonderful pedestrian street which is busy with bars, cafés and people. I sat and spoke to the kids, mum and friends using FaceTime on my ipad, I love technology. I enjoyed my evening.

It’s all about the people.