Day 98 – 13th July 2014 lahore

Heiko’s friend gave us a tour of some of lahore, there is so much grand British architecture here, we went to ‘Lahore Museum’ which is largest museum in this part of Asia, fascinating.

Again it was so hot but we had the luxury of a car with AC. We went Heiko’s friends house and again were offered food and drink even though it’s Ramadan. We were all relaxing and discussing the current dangers in Pakistan when Heiko’s friend showed us his armoury, a M15, M17, another automatic assault rifle and a hand gun (not that I know anything about guns), he was happy for us to handle them so I asked if he could remove the magazine full of bullets first. I must say I really don’t like guns or even handling them. In addition to the armoury he has two armed body guards. Necessary, I have no idea.

Half of the bikers in Pakistan seem to know I’m here and offer help constantly, Moin turned up tonight with Thomas & Agata an Italian couple riding a ‘transalp’ around the world and I arranged to ride to Islamabad with them tomorrow.