Days 361 to 369 – Phuket (Thailand) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

  • Left – 1 day riding around Phuket.
  • 2nd – 10th April 2015
  • Miles rode – 110 (176km)

A week of luxury staying in a friends apartment that happened to be empty. I relaxed swam and went to the gym every day. The apartment was on a lovely complex in a small village by the sea. Perfect.

I don’t normally have anything positive to say regarding banks but they sent my replacement credit card out the same day. The next day mum sent it DHL and it was delivered to Thailand in two days. How efficient the world is on occasions.

It has taken me just over 1 year to realise how chilled out I am, sitting outside at midnight it dawned on me quite how relaxed and stress free I am. I walked along the beach earlier just before the sun set, I was alone and walked for an hour just taking in the jungle to my left and watched the sun set across the sea to my right. I was walking slowly, had I been going slower I might have fallen over! It wasn’t deliberate it was just how I walk now, no reason to walk any faster, no reason to rush, no reason to not just take in my surroundings and smile. 

Later that evening I thought, I have no worries, no concerns, nothing but the moment and I love it. I can party with the best of them but I can also be alone and just enjoy the solitude. I’ve felt this moment coming for months but it has finally arrived. Complete contentment with now. Where will it go from here?