Day 282 Don Det – Stung Treng (Cambodia) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

Left 11.45
13th January 2015
Miles rode 62 (99km)

I rode the few hundred metres to the pier, down the rickety planks onto the sandy beach, up more rickety planks and perched my motorbike on the rickety, makeshift raft. The sun was bearing down on me as we crossed the Mekong. Then, off the rickety, makeshift raft, across the sand and up the rickety planks and I arrived on ‘terraferma’ again.

It was only 15km to the border and there was no one else on the road, there was no one other than the customs officials & guards at the Laos border. At the Cambodia border the passport official was asleep on the office floor and I had to wake him up, at the next office where I had to get my photo done there was no one there, someone indicated he was having lunch, I wondered how long I would have wait, I was told 20 mins and I indicated I wasn’t waiting so they said ok, go to Cambodia, so I did!

My visa cost 320,000 KIP I had 315,000 in total left over from Laos, they Said that was alright – how nice.

I rode the Dakar only 60 more kilometres to Strung Treng, Cambodia and it felt deserted, I passed only a handful of cars on the way. The city is on the Mekong and is busier than towns in Laos with a big market.

My first impressions of Cambodia are good.