Malaysia – motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

I’ve been to Malaysia before so I decided to not visit KL or the south. 

Leaving Thailand I instantly saw and felt the change, the roads were clean and taken care of with neat grass verges and trees lining the roads. Most people seemed to be Muslims and when I stopped wanted to talk to me.

Malaysia is expensive compared to the other countries I’ve been to Southeast Asia

Penang is interesting and when you get out of Georgetown there is beautiful jungle, I cannot say the same about Penang beaches, they are dirty as is the sea.

The food I had was really good, I had the best Chinese meal I have ever had in Georgetown and an Indian meal in a village in Penang as good as I’ve ever had. Whilst riding through northern Malaysia I had a selection of foods in a busy Muslim restaurant that again was as good as I’ve had anywhere.

So whilst my time was limited I really like Malaysia and the very friendly people, I’m told in areas other than Penang the beaches are lovely.