Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great country to travel in, the people are very friendly and there’s so much to see and do from the beautiful beaches to historical sightseeing. Everyone in Sri Lanka is so happy, I don’t think I’ve seen such a high percentage of people smile in a country before.

Other than Colombo where there is heavy congestion and air pollution the main roads are very good and quite new (I assume all new after the war?) so travel on a motorbike is good. It’s hard getting your own bike to Sri Lanka but hiring one is cheap and easy with many bike hire shops. 200 – 250cc off road bikes are common and would be great if you want to get off the main roads onto the dirt tracks. I hired a 110cc scooter which was perfect for the roads and was more than adequate for my level of off-roading.

Travelling / ridding in Sri Lanka is very easy, possibly one of the easiest countries I’ve ever ridden in so if you need a break from the hustle & bustle of India then I recommend visiting, Sri Lanka reminds me of Goa in many ways; laid back, happy and relaxed. I really liked my time in Goa some years ago so it no surprise I’m loving it here.

Hotels, food and drink are cheap, £10+ for a room, £1.50+ for a meal, £1+ for a large bottle of beer and about £4 per day for a scooter.

I visited in September which is out of season so I don’t know how busy it gets when more tourist arrive and I imagine the prices rise?

The economy seems vibrant if infrastructure program’s are an indicator and the people seem to have a reasonable to good standard of living.

Come and travel in Sri Lanka it has so much to offer, don’t just sit on the beach for two weeks, get out and explore. I travelled in September which is out of season and I loved it with 90% sun over the two weeks with only a few very short monsoon showers (15 mins each) and everything was empty and open for business.