Day 114 – 29th July 2014 leave 9.30am Miles rode 64 Gilgit – Telichi

1 hour after leaving Heiko had a flat tyre so we put my spare tube in and were just leaving when we noticed Heiko’s tyre was flat again! Momentarily I was really fucked off as it was midday and over 100 degrees but then I laughed and laughed some more.

It was 2pm when we tightened the rear wheel for the 2nd time of the day and rode south. 10 minutes later and simultaneously I farted and Heiko’s brake light came on, two everyday events under normal circumstances but Heiko’s tyre was flat again and I had more than a suspicion that my fart wasn’t all air!

– The punctures were due to different reasons not due to a nail being left in the tyre –

We rode a short distance and found a few houses, I ran off to a mountain stream to sort myself out and then found the only hotel, it looked shabby, that’s shabby not ‘shabby chic’ darlings. It was a concern when he said it would be £1.50 per night but we’re high up in the mountains and one of the bikes isn’t going anywhere today so we checked into ‘hotel dump’ for the night.

Abdul had offered to feed us all day and enjoy the celebrations of Eid, what possessed us to turn his offer down?

The highlight of the day was at 6pm when I laid outside the hotel and staring down at me was Mt Nanga Parbat at 8,126 metres.

I slept outside as the room was so awful and watched the sunset on the mountain and hoped my stomach problems would be better in the morning.

I must say this won’t go down as the best ‘Eid’ I’ve had…