2014.10.30 The Border Control from Kristjan Gislason on Vimeo.

This film was made by Kristjan Gislason from Iceland. Kristjan was one of 10 riders who I joined riding across Myanmar in early November 2014. The film shows the border crossing from India into Myanmar.

I love this film Kristjan.

Kristjan’s text;
From Imphal in Manipur there are about 100 km to the Myanmar border. On the way we saw solders in the hundreds, but their task was to protect this route and make it safe for trucks loaded with goods, as well as other passengers to pass through.
Before we reached the Myanmar border, we had to go through four different check-points in Manipur. Besides the regular passport check, we also had to undergo an Ebola test and once we had to bring our computers and iPads, so they could investigate the photo libraries and Word documents. It looked like they were looking for military photos, which are prohibited. At the main border though, the soldiers were happy to have their photo taken.
Finally we got through and a nice guy, Tin, welcomed us on the Myanmar side and took us to the nearest restaurant to feed us after all the tiring paperwork.

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