2014.11.10 Destination unknown from Kristjan Gislason on Vimeo.

This film was made by Kristjan Gislason from Iceland. Kristjan was one of 10 riders who I joined riding across Myanmar in early November 2014.

Kristjan’s text;
Three weeks before Dan left England to go on his “destination unknown” trip, he lost his driver´s licence for 6 months as he drove 35 mph on a 30 mph road. Then his dad died 4 days later, but his funeral took place only 3 days before he left.
Later, when he had started his trip, he faced a big decision, when he had to decide whether he was going to pass through Pakistan or not.
Dan’s story fascinated me and I asked him if I could interview him with unprepared questions. My initial idea was to make a 3 minute interview, but they became 6 as I could not leave anything out.
Dan and I got acquainted when we joined a group of 9 other motorcyclists crossing Myanmar earlier this month, November 2014.
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