This film was made by Kristjan Gislason from Iceland. Kristjan was one of 10 riders who I joined riding across Myanmar in early November 2014.

I love this film Kristjan.

Kristjan’s text;
Eleven motorcyclists from six countries found each other through the Internet and decided to travel through Myanmar together, on their way to South-East Asia.
Even though I had a visa that did not restrict me to go solo through the country, I decided to join the group.
On our second day in, we were told that we would be biking 370 km including 50 km on bad roads. Those 50 km turned out to be 120 km on horrible roads and in many instances just trails.
All of a sudden, a new world opened – like we were taken back hundreds of years. This was a unique moment. The simple and quiet life of the people was only disturbed by the noisy motorcycles. As a solo rider, I would never had had the opportunity to experience that moment.
In this video I try to give a small flavor of our experience that day. The biking part shown in this video is the easy part. When it really got tough, I forgot my camera completely, because I needed my full concentration. This is my most difficult off road biking, that I have undertaken so far.

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