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About Me

Dan Skeates is a father, adventure traveller, co-founder of ‘Cool to be Kind’ and business consultant currently riding a motorbike from North Cape to South Cape, the top of Europe to the bottom of Africa.

Having grown up in rural Essex (yes it does exist), after leaving school he started his own business, sold it five years later, and spent the following 20 years working in the corporate world, both creating and implementing strategic policy, always surpassing expectations. Five years ago he again started his own business, this time business consultancy. As if that wasn’t challenging enough he has just finished a psychology degree.

Dan has always been goal-oriented, which has enabled him to realise his dreams. Travel has always been a major part of his life, and in 2014 he rode a motorbike from London to Sydney, Australia, passing overland through 37 countries. You’ll currently find him somewhere in Africa riding the same motorbike

People have always been important to Dan, family and friends are at the heart of his life. Upon returning from travel four years ago, Dan and four friends founded a community group called Cool to be Kind, supporting homeless people. Dan’s previous overland adventure was called ‘Destination Unknown’, his current adventure is called ‘One Cool Ride’, to raise awareness of homelessness as he travels.

He writes articles for motorbike and travel magazines and gives talks to inspire people to achieve their dreams.

Dan acknowledges both the highs and lows of his life and feels that all of his experiences have brought him to an understanding of who he is, which drives his goal-oriented behaviour and quest for increased wellbeing.

Dan smiles a lot…