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Sudan & Ethiopia Visas (Cairo Embassies)

Having heard a multitude of different experiences regarding getting the Sudan visa, I was nervous as I entered the embassy. It opens at 8am, and most people suggested getting there as early as possible, as it’s so crowded. The embassy closes at 1pm for visa applications. I got there late, at 12.10 It was busy, but I’ve been in busier embassies.

I completed the application form, gave them my passport and copies of my passport, Egypt visa, a passport photo and paid the $150. It was very easy. I was then told to wait an hour. At 2.45 I collected my passport with visa stuck inside! What was I worried about!

The following day I went to the Ethiopian embassy, again, completed the application form and gave them my passport, copy of my passport and 2 passport photos. Paid $70 and the follow Morning collected my passport with a 2 month multiple entry visa stuck inside. Result!!! Time to start planning a route south…

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