Improve Your Life: New Year’s Resolutions

Improve Your Life: New Year’s Resolutions As we wave goodbye to 2023, the allure of setting New Year’s resolutions beckons us to dream big and aspire for personal growth. However, the road from resolution to realisation is often riddled with challenges. Fear not, for as your life coach, I’m here to guide you on a […]

Sales Coaching – Essex & London Sales Coaching

My sales coaching focuses on individuals, teams or whole organisations. I can help with strategic planning, recruitment, the creation of a sales team or the management and journey of maximising your organisation’s potential and performance. Ultimately, it is about unlocking improved performance. However, maybe you want to maximise sales as well as ensuring the sales process is […]

Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Coaching = Proactive Mental Health strategy

Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Coaching = Proactive Mental Health strategy I have always helped people and experienced kindness wherever I have travelled throughout the world. However, it was whilst travelling on my Destination Unknown adventure in 2014/15 that I realised I wanted to focus on helping people. As soon as I returned home, I started working […]

Sustainable growth & profit coaching for small businesses

Growing a small business is not easy; having to wear multiple hats, juggling various responsibilities while striving to achieve sustainable growth and profitability is challenging. However, with the right strategy, it’s possible to grow your business and increases profits. Working together, we’ll start by defining your vision and goals. Your vision is your overarching goal, […]

Wheel of Life Tool

Wheel of Life Tool How often do you reflect upon how you’re feeling about life? How satisfied are you with your life? Putting time aside to consider these questions can help you focus on what change(s) would help increase your wellbeing. The Wheel of Life helps you focus on which area(s) of your life is […]

Dan’s Coaching Philosophy – Essex, London & Cambridge Life Coach

I have found a vocation I really love, and my philosophy to coaching is simple; I want to be the best coach I can be for you, and I achieve this by using my expertise, experience and ability to effectively connect with you to help unlock your potential. My intention is to help you flourish, […]

Executive & Leadership Coaching – Essex Business Coaching

What is Executive & Leadership Coaching? What is Executive Coaching? I work with executives and leaders to help them become aware of their behaviour and its impact, unlock their potential, visualise goals, achieve their objectives and hold them to account. My coaching involves both increasing performance, personal and organisational wellbeing. What action is required to […]

Team Coaching – Essex & London Team Coach

Team Coaching – Essex & London What is Team Coaching? Teams have a common purpose, and often goals that they strive to achieve. The team members have various skills which they are often jointly responsible for. With the right coach, a team can become more than the sum of its parts and flourish. My team […]

Adventure Travel Coaching

What is Adventure Travel Coaching? Looking back, I was where you are now. Since my school days I have dreamed about adventure travel and didn’t consider finding a coach to help me make my dream come true. Like you I bought books, watched films, YouTube videos and spent time researching my dream. I went to […]

Dan’s Life Experience – Essex Life Coaching

Dan’s Life Experience – Essex Life Coaching Read my bio, and check out my social media where you can read about my experience, successes and personal development. I have started businesses and a charity, worked for corporations and travelled to over 80 countries around the world, and I am a very proud father of two […]

Day 512 HOME (England) / motorbike GS Dakar RTW overland adventure traveller

Left – 1 year, 4 months & 22 days ago. 7th April 2014 – 29th August 2015 Miles rode – 32,789 (52,463km) Countries Visited – 37 Arriving home. I arrived back at my local pub on a Saturday afternoon complete with my ‘dirty washing’, I was greeted by friends and family and the local press […]